Cigar bar coming back to Walnut Street

Holt's and Mahogany on Walnut
A new cigar bar is set to replace the recently departed Mahogany on Walnut.

By Greg Meckstroth

In a continuation of the retail merry-go-round that Center City’s Walnut Street has been particularly prone to as of late, a new cigar bar will soon open at 1522 Walnut Street.  Not surprisingly, the new bar will be right above the current Holt’s Cigar Company location and replace the former Mahogany on Walnut cigar bar that recently closed.  What is not yet known are the owners or the name of the establishment (it may just be Cigar Bar), but what we can say is Center City residents will likely welcome the bar seeing as it fills a large void in the area’s restaurant/bar scene.

What is also unclear is whether the new owners have any association with the old Mahogany.  According to that former bar’s website, they were essentially forced to close after their 15-year lease had expired, so it is very interesting that a new bar with a similar concept would open up only months after its closing.  Perhaps the building owner increased the rent and decided to court a new cigar bar for this prime location along Walnut?  Or maybe Mahogany was a bad tenant?  Regardless, we’re just excited to see another prime commercial property leased.

There will be a number of improvements made to outfit the space for the new bar.  First, a third floor will be added to the rear of the existing two-story structure and will be used for bar storage purposes.  The addition will be seven feet tall, only slightly taller than the existing parapet and thus not be visible from the street.  The new owner will also replace the ground floor entrance doors and awnings with aesthetically simple improvements.

The establishment’s opening still needs the blessing of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, but considering the Center City Residents’ Association Zoning Committee seemed very favorable towards the project, expect a ‘coming soon’ sign to quickly pop up next to Holt’s.

Photo by the author