Lunchtime Quick Hits

The Penn Museum, one of the world’s greatest collections of ancient artifacts, jumps into the here and now with both feet on the eve of its 125th anniversary tomorrow, Dec. 6; University City’s newest mini-park is ready to open – but what we want to know is, will the food carts ever come back?; A bill that would expand the public notice and consultation requirements under the zoning code as well as the membership of the Design Review Committee makes it out of Council’s Rules Committee with changes that make it a little less objectionable to the City Planning Commission; and while reading Herb Lipson’s “Off the Cuff” column might lead one to conclude otherwise, the staff of Philadelphia magazine really do believe this is a great place and go into 76 reasons why:

A Museum Full of Antiquities Embraces Modernity (The New York Times)
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Committee recommends changes to zoning code rules on community input (PlanPhilly)
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