Lunchtime Quick Hits

Developer David Feldman adds his voice to the chorus of criticism of City Council’s unseemly rush to return our brand-new zoning code to the Bad Old Days;What’s this? We’re making and building things here again?; Northeast Philly’s Delaware waterfront is getting greener, but hoped-for redevelopment is lagging; and a couple of Brooklynites desperate to afford living in a desirable neighborhood revive a Colonial-era practice we thought had vanished completely:

Good Zoning Should Not Be A Matter of Privilege (Design Advocacy Group)
Manufacturing in Philadelphia Unexpectedly Expands (Bloomberg)
Parks and Trails Advance on the North Delaware While Real Estate Development Stalls (Hidden City Daily)
The New Yorkers so desperate to live in upscale Park Slope, they do without a bathroom and use CHAMBER POTS instead (Mail Online)