Lunchtime Quick Hits

Want to find the hidden Philly history you wish you knew? There’s an app for that – if you have an Android phone; our own Schuylkill is in the running for Pennsylvania River of the Year, and your vote can help put it on top; what everyone thought was going to happen with the aging Queen Lane public housing tower in Germantown may not happen after all; and while your editor is usually not given to tooting his own horn for work he does that’s published elsewhere here, his latest Hidden City essay deals with a parking problem much easier to solve than the one that gets neighborhood associations so exercised:

App helps locals and tourists alike find Philly history they weren’t even searching for (Newsworks|WHYY)
Vote for River of the Year (Pennsylvania Association forf Watersheds and Rivers)
PHA may ‘cut our losses’ and scrap Queen Lane Apartments demo plan, says agency official (Newsworks|WHYY)
The Other Parking Problem (Hidden City)