Lunchtime Quick Hits

Although this ran in November, it crossed our newsfeed stream again today, and we consider Steve Volk’s¬†Philadelphia¬†magazine feature on how the Pestronk brothers broke the construction trades unions’ lock on large construction projects in Philadelphia important enough to call it to your attention too; Amid reports of a resurgence in traditional American manufacturing comes news that Mayor Nutter has appointed a task force on making Philadelphia a city that makes and builds things again; Nicholas Esposito profiles the man who wants to save East Kensington’s “white elephant”; and the Northeast Philadelphia History Network unearths old images of a Northeast few living today would recognize – for starters, much of it is rural:

The Brothers Who Busted Philly Unions. For Good. (Philadelphia)
Philadelphia task force focuses on expanding manufacturing (Newsworks|WHYY)
A Neighborhood Son Takes On The “White Elephant” (Hidden City)
Recollecting century-old views of Northeast Philly neighborhoods (Newsworks|WHYY)