Panache Hair Design opening new location on 20th Street in Center City

Panache's new homeLocal hair salon Panache Hair Design is opening up a new location on 20th Street in Center City between Market Street and JFK Boulevard.  Its former location, at 205 S. 15th St.,  will eventually be torn down and replaced with the now infamous new construction project that is said to feature a Cheesecake Factory and Uniqlo.

By the looks of things on the new space’s interior, Panache will be moving – very shortly. This adds mounting evidence that demolition and new construction are imminent at 15th and Walnut. To put things in perspective, earlier in the year, Miga closed, more recently, Elixr moved just a block away, and Lush’s renovations a few blocks west on Walnut are progressing quickly.

There has been a significant amount of speculation surrounding this project for quite some time.  Early renderings of the new construction building suggested it to be three stories tall.  Then four stories was floated around.  Yet, renderings on the project’s website showcase five.  And while there has never been an official announcement surrounding the project’s tenants, it has almost become an accepted truth that Uniqlo and Cheesecake Factory are moving in.

We’re certainly keeping a close eye on this one.  With Panache out, that just leaves Lush left to pack up and move.  (That’s halfway done as well, as the Lush store at 1428 Walnut St. closed Aug. 26 even though its new space isn’t ready yet. Patrons are advised by a sign on the former store’s door to get Lush online while they wait; the store’s Facebook page advises it will probably be a month or so at least until its new digs are ready. -ed.)

-By Greg Meckstroth for

Photos by the author