Residential new construction roundup

It’s been a while since we posted updates on a number of exciting, high-rise and mid-rise residential projects going up in Center City.  So let’s get right to it.

The Granary at 20th and Callowhill

The GranaryGranary broad viewSummary: This project will bring 227 one- and two-bedroom apartment homes, over 20,000 square feet of ground level retail space, and underground parking to Logan Square.  As you can see, construction has reached the 6th floor, with two more to go.  You can already get a sense for how imposing the structure is horizontally – it’s quite long, nearly taking up an entire city block.  Those apartments are going to have some great views of Center City, unless, of course, the surface lot across the street also gets developed in the future.

1900 Arch Street at 19th and Arch

Excavation at 1900 ArchView of excavation looking westSummary: This project will bring 236 apartments, second-floor office space, 26,000 square feet of ground level retail, and a two-story underground parking garage.  This project has been delayed for quite some time due to a lot of rock on the property below the surface.  Rumor has it that the planned parking garage will be compressed or built above ground.  As seen in the pictures above, work has finally picked up in earnest.  Without any new renderings of the proposed changes, it should be interesting to see if this will be taller than the 14-story, 162-foot height it is currently set for.

The Sansom at 1600 block of Sansom

The Sansom, looking eastSummary: The Sansom will include 122 apartments, first-floor commercial space and zero parking spots in eight stories.  Of all the new construction projects going up, this one has by far and away gone up the fastest.  Just goes to show how quickly you can get construction done when you don’t have to worry about expensive and complicated parking structures.  The building is now topped out in places and final framing will likely be complete in the next few weeks before the end of the year.  Expect this to be complete before the other two projects, even though it started after them.

Photos by the author